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America's family farms and ranches are under siege...

Every year we are losing millions of acres of valuable agricultural and forested lands to development of ranchettes and residential properties.  A weak livestock economy, the 'death tax' and a high demand for rural properties has forced many landowners to consider subdividing their ranches. 

ln today's real estate markets, producers are disadvantaged.  The resulting fragmentation of rangelands is detrimental to our water, wildlife and the western lifestyle. 

Tierra Resource Management is devoted to working with rural landowners to protect and enhance the environmental and economic benefits that these working landscapes provide.   We can offer you viable alternatives to selling out. 

In today's tough economy, conservation and sound stewardship makes good business-sense for agricultural producers.  We believe that private land owners can protect wildlife and water resources better than the Government!

  • We work entirely on private lands and we support agriculture in its many forms.   
  • We specialize in conservation easements, which can provide significant economic benefits
  • Our expertise in land stewardship achieves economic goals while improving the health of your land.
  • We seek win-win solutions where ecological benefits and economic incentives go hand in hand. 

Ask our clients why we are different and you'll probably hear that it's our experience, responsiveness and the fact that we care deeply for the land and its future. We're making sure your concerns are turned into practical conservation solutions!

We work for you, not for radical environmental groups.  We represent rural landowners in dealing with agencies, assist with finding funding, project planning and implementation.    Our goal is to offer you economical and profitable solutions that support your family, your lifestyle and your land.

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